Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)

Geosynthetics Australia supplies commercial quantities of Infraclay Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) to civil contractors for major projects.

Our GCL is manufactured to international standards from natural sodium bentonite. This advanced bentonite clay waterproofing liner is made by interlocking a uniform layer of high swelling bentonite clay between two high strength geotextiles. Geosynthetics Australia’s Infraclay Liner delivers superior hydraulic performance over conventional compacted clay liners.

Using precision needle punching, non-woven geotextile fibres are punched through a layer of bentonite granules and into a woven propropylene carrier fabric beneath. This results in a uniform, shear resistant, waterproof liner with self-sealing characteristics.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner Applications:

When hydrated with water, bentonite clay forms a low permeability gel layer well suited for landfill liners, landfill caps and closures, backfilled walls, grain storage, liquid containment bunds, cut off trenches, effluent ponds, dams, lagoons and tunnels. Geosynthetic Australia’s Infraclay GCL has been used in major projects in China, Europe, South America, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

Landfill liners and caps
Dams, ponds and bunds
Construction: basements and tunnels
Special applications

Features of Geosynthetics Australia’s Infraclay Liner:
  • Production facilities are CodeMark and Branz accredited.
  • All products are fully guaranteed from manufacturing defects.
  • When working in confined spaces, granulated bentonite clay liners offer Occupational Health and Safety benefits compared to powdered bentonite liners.
  • The black woven layer facilitates visual checking of the stitching quality when the geosynthetic clay liner is being laid.
  • Available in grades from 3500g/m2 to 5500g/m2 with or without a bonded PE membrane.
  • Rolled on strong corrugated HDPE cores.
  • Available in roll widths from 1.65m to 5.8m.
  • Production capacity of 7.5 million m2/year.
  • Direct shipping to major Australian ports, thus saving transport costs.
Making bentotex clay liner, bentofix, voltex, elcoseal. clay liner

Geosynthetic Clay Liner manufacturing plant

Rolls of bentonite clay waterprooding membrane, Elcoseal, Bentofix, Bentoliner, Volclay, Swellseal, Bentoseal

Geosynthetic clay liner for basement waterproofing

Depositing bentonite clay granules between woven and non woven geotextiles, Voltex, Elcoseal, Bentofix, Infraclay

Sodium bentonite granules laid on woven carrier geotextile prior to needle punching

Infraclay Liner Technical Data
Test Standard Units Grade
Bentonite GCL-4000
Swell Index ASTM D-5890 ml/2g > 24
Fluid Loss ASTM-D-5891 ml < 16
Moisture Content ASTM D-4643 % < 13
Coefficient of Water Absorption ASTM D-4643 % > 600
Polypropylene Cover (non-woven) ASTM D 5261 g/m2 220
PP Carrier (woven) ASTM D 5261 g/m2 100
Geosynthetics Australia GCL (as manufactured)*
Quality Assurance ISO 9001; Branz NZ; CodeMark Yes
GCL Total Mass ASTM D-5993 g/m2 > 4500
Bentonite Mass ASTM D-5993 g/m2 > 4200
GCL Rupture Intensity Strength ASTM D-6768 kN/m > 10.4
Grab Strength (MD/CMD) ASTM D-4632 N > 600/800
CBR Strength GB/T 14800-1993 N > 1800
CBR Elongation GB/T15788-1995 % > 15
Peel Strength ASTM D-6496 N > 120
Hydraulic conductivity k-value
ASTM D-5887 m/s < 5×10-10
Dimensions – can be varied according to customer’s requirements
Width m 5.1
Length m 30
Effective Coverage per Roll
(5.1m x 30m excluding overlap requirements)
m2 153


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