Containment Applications

HDPE Bonded Geosynthetic Clay Liners:

HDPE bonded Geosynthetic Clay Liners provide an additional barrier to liquid migration and ensure that the bentonite clay remains hydrated over time. Polymer modified bentonite can also be used for saline environments. Proprietary technology is used to bond a high density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane to the bentonite clay liner.  The bonding process also increases the pull-out resistance and the internal shear strength of the GCL.

HDPE bonded Geosynthetic Infraclay, polymer modified

Bonding HDPE to a reinforced Geosynthetic Clay Liner


Geosynthetic clay liners bonded to a geomembrane are ideal for basement waterproofing and landfill caps. They are an effective barrier against gases such as methane and radon. High density polyethylene bonded GCLs also prevent the erosion or desiccation of bentonite clay and protect against root penetration.

Salt Resistant Geosynthetic Clay Liners:

Where there is a risk of high salinity or a harsh leachate, a polymer modified natural sodium bentonite clay is also available. Independent testing shows Geosynthetic Australia’s polymer modified bentonites have a high swell index under extremely high saline conditions (8.5%).

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