Geotextiles and Fabrics

geofabric, bidim, nonwoven, long fibre geotextile

Polyester nonwoven geotextile production line

Geosynthetics Australia supplies commercial quantities of high quality geotextiles and fabrics for civil engineering, industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Our materials are manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards necessary to meet the strict mechanical and hydraulic requirements needed to solve geotechnical and hydraulic engineering challenges. Each batch is tested and certified by the factory’s modern textile testing laboratory and independent laboratories.

Tensile testing nonwoven geofabric, Bidim

Strength testing nonwoven geotexiles

Geotextile Applications:
Nonwoven needlepunching line

Nonwoven geotextile production line

  • Draining surplus water from structures or the soil and discharging it.
  • Filtering subsurface drainage water.
  • Separating and preventing dissimilar materials from mixing together, thereby improving the life of roads. Geotextiles save money because they reduce the amount of aggregate required during construction.
  • Reinforcing earth structures with high tensile strength geotextiles.
  • Protecting critical lining systems from abrasion and damage caused by indentation from stony soils under high static loads.


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