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Erosion control products

biodegradable nutrition geotextile, turf reinforcement mat, geocell, flexible concrete mats

Erosion Control

Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion and sediment run-off from agricultural land, development areas, coastal areas, river banks and construction sites. The unregulated discharge of sediment laden water from construction activities into waterways causes a significant environmental impact. As a result, there is growing awareness of this environmental damage and regulators are becoming more rigorous in the enforcement of environmental laws.

Revegetation is an important component of effective erosion and sediment control and for offsetting the impacts of development and land clearing. A well-established surface cover is one of the most effective ways to control erosion. Vegetation reduces the impact of raindrops falling on bare soil and wind removing soil particles. It also reduces the speed of water flowing over the land.

Typical erosion control solutions include hard armouring such as stone riprap, shotcrete and pavement and natural products such as jute blankets, mulching and turf. Geosynthetic options such as Geomats, Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM), Geocells and geogrid reinforced Concrete Mats promote revegetation, handle surface runoff and prevent the movement of sediment into watercourses.

Erosion Control Solutions
Flat Land ( < 1 in 10) Mild Slopes ( >1 in 10 to <1 in 4) Steep Slopes (> 1 in 4)
Erosion Control Blankets Bonded Fibre Matrix Concrete Mats
Biodegradable Nutrition Geotextile Compost Blankets Cellular Confinement Systems (Geocells)
Gravelling Erosion Control Blankets Erosion Control Blankets
Mulching Nutrition Geomat Nutrition Geomat
Revegetation TRM, 3D Geomat TRM, 3D Geomat
Rock Mulching Revegetation Revegetation
Soil Binder Turfing Rock Amouring
Turfing Concrete Mats Shotcrete

Until vegetation is established, Geosynthetics Australia’s erosion control materials offer temporary protection from soil loss. Biodegradeable nutrition geotextiles protect the soil from erosion while encouraging strong and healthy vegetation. This biodegradable erosion control geotextile consists of high strength polymer fibres, needle-punched with wool and plant fibres. The geotextile binds with the soil while the organic fibres prevent moisture loss and decompose to fertilise the growing seedlings.

3D Geomats are composed of layers of synthetic fibres, filaments, nettings and/or mesh. These fibres trap soil particles and seeds, support young vegetation, encourage rapid root growth, secure plant roots and promote healthy growth. Erosion control geomats help protect bare soil from raindrop and wind erosion and prevent it being washed away until a vegetative cover is established. As a result they also encourage infiltration and decrease soil crusting and compaction.

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM) improve the shear capacity of natural vegetation in channel and swale restoration. Once vegetation is established, TRMs can withstand water velocities and shear stress values up to 4.6m/sec and 49kg/m2, respectively.

For steeper slopes, bridge abutments, high water velocity situations and places where vegetation cannot be established, cellular confinement systems (Geocells), geogrid reinforced concrete mats, gabions, shotcrete or rip rap offer long term erosion control.

Commonly Used Materials
Product Short and Gentle Slopes Steep Slope Stabilisation Channel Lining Swale Drain Sediment Control Wind Erosion Coastal Erosion Shoreline Structures
Hard Armour
Rip Rap (scour and water erosion) O O O O
Concrete Paving O O O O O
Gabions & Reno Mattresses O O O O
Shotcrete O O O
Hydraulic Mulches O O O O
Nutrition Geotextile O O O O
Jute Mat O O O O
Jute Mesh O O O
Coir Log O O
Coir Net O O O
3D Geomat O O O
Turf Reinforcement Mat O O O O
Cellular Confinement System (Geocell) O O O
Geogrid Reinforced Concrete Mat O O O O O O
Silt Bags O
Silt Fences O O
Turbidity Barriers O O

Geosynthetic erosion control products can last for a few months in the case of biodegradable Nutri Geomat, to over 75 years for concrete mats or geocells.

Biodegradable Nutrition Geotextile
Nutrition Geotextile blanket for erosion control

biodegradable nutrition geotextile

Erosion Control 3D Geomat
3D Erosion control mat, Terramat, for erosion control

Multilayered polyethylene filament erosion control blanket

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM)
TRM by Propex, Landlok, Pyramat and Enkamat

Turf Reinforcement Mat for landscaping and erosion control

Geocells (Cellular Confinement System)
Cellular Confinement System for MSE Walls, soil erosion, GeoWeb, Miracell

Perforated geocells for soil stabilisation, MSE retaining walls and erosion control

Building a geocell retaining wall, GeoWeb, Miracell, geocell

Using Geocells to construct a Mechanically Stabilised Earth retaining wall

Concrete Mats

Drainage channel lined with geogrid reinforced concrete mat

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