Turf Reinforcement Mat

Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM)

Our high performance Turf Reinforcement Mat is non-degradable, soil and seedbed cover available in variable thicknesses similar to erosion control blankets. They are composed of UV stabilized synthetic fibers, filaments, nettings and/or mesh that secure plant roots, stems and soil. These permanent structures consolidate and protect the soil and prevent it being washed away. Once established, turf reinforcement mats can withstand velocities and shear stress values up to 4.6m/sec and 49kg/m2, respectively. TRMs also reduce sheet, rill and channel erosion by up to 90 percent. Turf Reinforcement Mats provide:

  • Short-term protection against raindrop and wind erosion;
  • Long-term support for vegetation on slopes, ditches, swales and channels; and,
  • Permanent armouring against shear stress caused by flowing water.
Erosion Control Blanket

Turf Reinforcement Mat 280

Erosion Control Mat 470, Landlock, Pyramat

Turf Reinforcement Mat 470

Turf Reinforcement Mat 280 Turf Reinforcement Mat 470
Tensile strength 35 x 30 kN/m 58.4 x 43.8 kN/m
Thickness 7.6mm 10mm
UV resistance at 500 hrs 90% 90%
Roll width 3.8m 3.8m
Roll length 50m 50m
Applications – Turf Reinforcement Mat

Turf reinforcement mats are usually used in conjunction with grass on longer, steeper slopes in higher velocity ditches and channels; along shorelines for permanent scour prevention; for armouring at culverts; and to reinforce vegetation on road and railway embankments. Some of the thinner TRMs are designed to be placed directly over seeded bare soil areas, while thicker open-celled/open weave products may be staked down first, then seeded and covered with topsoil.

Turf reinforcement mats are typically used when slope and channel conditions exceed the capabilities of erosion control blankets, but are not severe enough to justify terracing or geocells in slope applications, or harder armouring (e.g., articulated block, riprap, concrete mats, etc.) within stormwater channels. TRMs may not be suitable for arid areas where vegetation may not establish or survive.

Installation – Turf Reinforcement Mats

Typical installations involve rolling out and anchoring the turf reinforcement mat to ensure intimate contact with the soil surface. They can be applied directly over a freshly seeded soil surface and allow the vegetation to grow through the mat. Other types are first anchored to the ground and then covered with a mix of fine soil and seed.

Once installed, vegetation and soil shield the synthetic components from UV radiation and maintain the structural integrity of the mat.

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