Nonwoven Industrial Fabrics

nonwoven industrial fabrics

Manufacturing line for spunbonded nonwoven industrial fabrics

nonwoven industrial fabrics

Spunbonded PET nonwoven manufacturing line

Lightweight, spunbonded, nonwoven industrial fabrics are an ideal choice for a diverse range of industries and applications. They are strong, resist moisture, staining and chemical attack, are harmless to health and do not pollute the environment. Spunbonded polyester (PET) is ideal where a flexible nonwoven fabric is required. It retains its physical properties when wet and stays extremely stable during humidity changes.


Blade coating waterproof membrane onto Non Woven Fabrics

Our nonwoven thermally embossed polyester fabrics are manufactured on modern German machines that produce an exceptional degree of uniformity. The ISO 9001 quality management system guarantees uniformity, exceptional strength, no edge deformation, good thermostability, high puncture strength, corrosion and ageing resistance and high biological and chemical resistance.

Geosynthetics Australia supplies nonwoven industrial fabrics from 10gsm to 240gsm in a wide variety of colours and roll widths up to 3.5m. We also assist our customers develop fabrics specifically for their manufacturing needs.

Polyester nonwoven industrial fabrics are able to withstand high temperatures (150oC). They have a long service life and fulfill important market needs.

nonwoven industrial fabrics

Modern fabric testing facilities


nonwoven industrial fabric

Applying cement polymer coating to nonwoven fabric

  • Air, gas, liquid and vapour fluid filtration
  • Automotive interior trims
  • Construction materials such as termite barriers and waterproof liners
  • Coating fabrics
  • Disposable work-wear
  • Food processing including liquid absorption pads
  • Filtration – 100% nonwoven spunbonded polyester is the most versatile, most cost-effective and widely used filter media for dust collection.
  • Heathcare and hygiene products
  • Home furnishings such as cushion linings, bed bases and baby cot mattress covers, mattress spring pockets, quilted fabrics and upholstery linings
  • Industrial applications
  • Insulation materials
  • Printing materials

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