Strip Filter Drains

Our strip filter drains are easy to install, strong and a money-saving alternative to aggregate drainage.

Cross section of double dimple strip filter drain for roads, turf, Ausdrain, Rainsmart, Cordrain

40mm PVC Cored Strip Drain with filter fabric

Strip filter drains are a geocomposite consisting of a high compression strength, flexible HDPE or PVC double dimpled core, wrapped in a strong nonwoven geotextile. The cuspated core drain’s profile efficiently discharges water whilst maintaining good structural integrity during placement and in service.

The high flow polypropylene/polyester nonwoven geotextile filter allows water to pass into the dimple drain while preventing soil particles blocking the core and reducing the flow. The geotextile filter fabric sock complies with the requirements of MRTS 27 Strength Class B – Filtration Class I & RMS R63 Strength Class B -Filtration Class I and is sonically welded around the polymer core.

Strip Drain showing core and filter fabric, Cordrain

Double dimple PVC core with filter fabric

Both the 25mm and 40mm cores have high compressive strength with minimal deflection under load and comply with the highway panel drain requirements of MRTS 38 Department of Transport and Main Roads (QLD).

  • Strip filter drains provide superior drainage to perforated agricultural pipe. Because they collect a higher volume of water, highway panel drains are more efficient for turf drainage. The open area for water collection is 65-80% compared to 3-5% in perforated round pipe.
  • The polymer core’s high crush strength resists high loads from in-fill and formwork. The cuspated core drain’s stud-shaped dimples create an air chamber between the geotextile and the wall. This allows water to flow rapidly along the drain to the footer drainage system.
  • Installation costs are significantly less than crushed aggregate wrapped in geotextile or slotted pipe drains. The narrow width reduces excavation costs and cover requirements. The rolls are easily connected to each other.
  • Strip drains are widely used as a shotcrete drain.
  • Strip filter drains are very durable. They are unaffected by fungi or bacteria and resist acids and alkalis normally found in the soil.
  • The products comply with local road authority drainage specifications.
Roll of strip filter drain, Cordrain, Drainmaster, Prodrain

50mm roll of 40mm high filter strip drain


Strip filter drains are ideal for a wide range of applications where ground water needs to be intercepted, collected and discharged. These include:

  • Highway panel drains for subsurface drainage along roadway edges.
  • Landscape drainage and turf drainage at sporting venues including golf courses and stadiums.
  • Vertical drainage behind shotcrete in building foundations, bridge abutments, road tunnels, embankments and retaining walls.
  • Draining standing water under synthetic turf, playgrounds and podium decks.
  • Waste management drainage for landfills.

Double dimpled core panels can be used as a void forma to protect external walls from damage caused by ground movement when an adjacent structure is being built, such as a road tunnel. The compressive strength of the cores can be manufactured to support in-cast concrete but collapse if the structure deflects under load. Once the building is completed the core is easily filled with grout to prevent any further movement.

The 50m long rolls are available in 18mm, 25mm or 40mm profiles and widths of 100mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm.

Core Properties Units 18 25 40
Flow l/min/m 75 110 150
Compressive Strength kPa >240 >225 >200
Material HDPE or PVC
Core profile Dimples on both sides
Roll Length m 50m
Roll Width mm 100/200/300
Roll Height mm 18/25/40
  • The combined installation and material cost is up to half that for aggregate drains.
  • Strip filter drains are flexible, lightweight, easy-to-handle and quick to install. Heavy equipment and skilled labour is not required.
  • The 200pKa crush strength core resists damage during installation and at greater soil depths. It also provides multiple channels for vertical and horizontal water flow.
  • The high tear and puncture strength of the needle punched, polyester/polypropylene geotextile insures minimal damage during backfilling and allows a high volume of water into the core while restraining soil particles.
  • Easy visual inspection of material and installation is possible.
  • The thin profile requires a much narrower trench than aggregate drainage.
  • The uniform properties and quality materials deliver predictable drain performance.

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