Australian Concrete Mats

Australian Concrete Mats are the quick and easy permanent erosion control solution for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlets and outlets, and shorelines. These flexible geogrid reinforced concrete mats combine the benefits of permanent, hard armour protection and natural vegetation. Concrete mats also reduce the potential for slope failure caused by a build up in hydraulic pressure from seepage. Incorporating vegetation into storm water systems increases water infiltration to the subsoil and promotes phytoremediation to help remove or degrade contaminants in run-off water.

These high performance concrete blocks are locked together and embedded in a high tensile 50KN geogrid. The spacing between the blocks allows the mat to flex and, when required, grass and native shrubs to grow.

Australian Concrete Mats can be supplied with non-woven fabrics or a biodegradable nutrient releasing geotextile underlay. Site conditions, and whether or not vegetation is to be established, will determine the underlay required.

Australian Concrete Mats are packaged as easy to transport rolls and are quick to install using standard equipment.

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Geogrid reinforced Australian concrete mats lining a drainage channel

  • Permanent erosion control solution
  • Cost-effective for severe or minor erosion needs
  • Easy maintenance – commercial mowers can be used
  • Fast and simple installation – roll design makes installation efficient
  • Aesthetic solution – blends in with natural surroundings
  • Improves safety – safe to walk or drive across
  • Environmentally friendly – phytoremediation and low thermal impact
  • Highly resistant to weather conditions and wet dry cycles
  • Reduces construction cost – low material cost, less labour and faster project completion
  • Versatile solution – flexible mats conform to existing ground contours, minimising site preparation
  • Vegetated concrete mats are less prone to graffiti compared to shotcreted walls
  • Australian Concrete Mats can be removed and reused on future sites
  • Expected lifespan 75 years
Australian Concrete Mats provide engineered and permanent solutions for:
  • Roadside erosion protection
  • Inlet and outlet erosion protection
  • Slope erosion protection
  • Canal and stream erosion
  • Shoreline erosion protection
  • Flood control – debris or logs are not caught in the mat and waterways remain open.
  • Access roads
  • Mine site rehabilitation
  • Airports
  • Protecting gas and utility services
Australian Concrete Mats are a welcome alternative to traditional rock Rip Rap
  • Maintained with commercial mowers
  • Locked in place, will not move like rock
  • Cannot be thrown by vandals
  • Once vegetated, Australian concrete mats will not heat rainwater like exposed rock. They are particularly useful where the stormwater discharge requires control of the heat flow from the “first flush” of water before it reaches a stream.
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Flexible geogrid reinforced concrete mats protecting a riverbank

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