Nutrition Geomat

GA Nutrition Geomat is a newly developed biodegradable erosion control mat used to protect soils in areas exposed to wind or high rainfall. GA Nutrition Geomat provides an ideal media for seed germination as it protects the soil from erosion while encouraging strong and healthy vegetation. It is used for the stabilisation of embankments or batters, and also inhibits weed growth during revegetation.

When rolls (up to 6m wide) are laid over a well prepared soil and firmly pegged in place, the geotextile binds with the soil to prevent erosion. The small openings promote seed germination while the wool and plant fibres reduce moisture loss from the soil and fertilise the growing seedlings.

GA Nutrition Geomat is made from high strength polypropylene fibres needle punched with wool and plant fibres. The soft, needle-punched geotextile has a high tear resistance and excellent drainage. Wool aerates the substrate and retains water. This reduces watering frequency and allows optimal root growth. As the wool decomposes it slowly releases valuable plant nutrients – Nitrogen-9%, Phosphorous-1% and Potasium-2% as well as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sulphur and micro micronutrients into the soil. The result is strong, healthy vegetation without the need for additional fertilisation for up to 6 months.

Biodegradable GA Nutrition Geotextile erosion control mat

GA Nutrition Geomat erosion control blanket


  1. Erosion control and re-vegetation applications e.g. slope protection, mine rehabilitation, tailing ponds, landfills, landfill caps, bunds;
  2. To establish trees, shrubs and groundcovers in landscape projects, road edges and industrial and residential sites;
  3. Lagoons, water treatment facilities, golf courses;
  4. Under geocells and concrete mats;
  5. Ideal biodegradable erosion control mat replacement for jute and coir matting.
  1. Easy to install particularly where there is insufficient topsoil or the slope is too steep for the placement of topsoil. Rolls up to 6m wide are available;
  2. Easy to seed;
  3. Less water is required to achieve a high germination percentage and high survival rate;
  4. Inhibits weeds during early plant growth;
  5. Vegetation is strong and healthy;
  6. Max water flow rate is 4m/s.

GA Nutrition Geomat is an effective way to prevent soil erosion on slopes and to re-establish natural vegetation. No further work is needed after the main installation except what is needed to sustain the vegetation.

  1. Smooth the area to be treated to an even grade. Remove all protruding rocks, root stumps, etc. and treat the soil to promote maximum plant growth. Apply seed, directly to the soil prior to laying GA Nutrition Geotextile.
  2. An anchor trench, no less than 200mm deep, should be dug around the whole area including bottom, sides and top of work area, this will protect the edges of the geotextile from being lifted during rain or flooding events.
  3. Lay GA Nutrition Geomat rolls in the direction of water flow and away from the direction of the prevailing wind. Backfill the trench and compact the soil over the geotextile.
  4. Depending on the steepness of the slope, GA Nutrition Geomat should be pinned with approximately 2 pegs per m2, (i.e. the more pegs used, the more secure the matting will be) with particular attention being paid to side and end runs. Side and downhill joins should overlap by no less than 100mm with the top run overlapping.
  5. As water velocities increase, GA Nutrition Geotextile should be pinned at reduced centres.
  6. Maintain and water the site as required, to promote the growth of vegetation.
Property Unit Value
Mass g/m2 >=180
Thickness mm 5
Tensile Strngth KN/m MD2.0
Elongation % MD120
Puncture Strength (CBR) N 650
Sieve Size O90 mm 1.8
Available Nutrients N : P : K

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