Erosion Control 3D Geomat

Erosion Control 3D Geomat prevents damage or pollution caused by soil washed from slopes, embankments and channels. Its three dimensional structure protects bare soil from raindrops, run off and wind erosion thus preventing the topsoil being washed away while vegetation is established. Once vegetated, the protection layer creates an environmentally friendly surface that can withstand heavy rains and water flows (up to 4m/sec).

Erosion Control Blanket, Geomat, Enkamat, MakMat

Multilayered polyethylene erosion control blanket

Erosion Control 3D Geomat is a multi-layered mesh with voids over 90%. A flat mesh is placed on the base with up to four lavers of UV stabilised polyethylene fibres fused together at their intersections. These fibres trap soil particles and seeds, support young vegetation, and anchor growing roots. Geomat’s three dimensional structure adds stiffness and stability to the soil. The flat underside makes even contact with a prepared soil surface. The cuspated upper surface provides a reinforcing matrix to protect the soil from erosion and support root growth.

Benefits of Erosion Control 3D Geomats
  • stabilise young root systems
  • reduce run-off
  • encourage infiltration
  • decrease soil crusting and compaction
  • chemically and microbiologically inert
  • high tensile strength and flexibility
  • simple handling and installation
  • zero water absorption
Applications for Erosion Control 3D Geomats

 3D Geomats can be used:

  • On slopes up to 1:0.7, with grass or local vegetation surface
  • As a substitute for concrete or stone walls for slope protection
  • As an integrated erosion control system on steep slopes and erosion prone areas
  • To prevent erosion on river embankments, channels and flood plains
  • To re-vegetate sides of roadways, bunds and landfills
  • With hydroseeding and shrub planting
  • To ensure a stable cover necessary to protect geomembranes from UV radiation

The light weight and flexible 3D Geomat is easy to handle and install. The pockets of the erosion control mat are filled with loam type soil and seed and compacted with a roller. 3D Geomat is not suitable for use under permanent or seasonal water levels.


Production Name : 3D GEOMAT Specification : EM5
Content of Test
No. Items Unit Test Value Notes
1 Weight g/sqm 430
2 Weight Variation % 1
3 Thickness mm 16
4 Tensile Strength KN/m MD 302 MD and TD
CD 3.2
5 Elongation % MD 200 MD and TD
MD 100
6 UV resistance % 85
7 Resiliency % 80
8 Permissible Velocity m/s 30
9 Raw Material 100% Polyethylene
10 Void Ratio 100% 85

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