About Geosynthetics Australia

Geosynthetics Australia is a wholly Australian owned company and a Division of Aust Yieh Solutions Pty Ltd. We are committed to providing a stable supply of geosynthetic products to our valued clients.

Geosynthetics Australia’s directors have been designing, patenting, manufacturing, importing and marketing for over 20 years. Bruce Bennett, has lived and worked in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. He speaks fluent Chinese and has a strong commercial background.

Bruce Bennett, Director Geosynthetics Australia

Visiting the Australian Wool Testing Textile Testing Facility in Nanjing

Director, Geosynthetics Australia

Jim Bennett meeting suppliers in China

His brother, Jim Bennett (B. Ed Engineering Sciences), has extensive experience in design and fabrication of construction related products.

Customer Support

Geosynthetics Australia has strong business relationships with a range of overseas suppliers.  It specializes in supplying nonwoven fabrics for civil, industrial and agricultural applications; geocells, concrete mats and erosion control mats for environmental protection and geogrids and geosynthetic clay liners.  Key suppliers include Jing Wei Fabrics, the HuWang Plastic Company and Geosky Technology Company.

Bruce and Jim assist customers source quality products at competitive prices with short lead times. They offer professional advice on all aspects of offshore procurement.  Sourcing from a wide range of suppliers allows them to offer excellent prices on products sought by Australian businesses. Frequent shipping schedules, prompt handling and rapid turnaround ensure fast, reliable deliveries.

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Woven geogrid manufacture

geosynthetics, nonwoven fabrics, geotextiles, geocells, concrete mats

Geosynthetic Clay Liner Production Line

Aust Yieh Solutions assists clients to have products designed and manufactured to their own specifications.

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