Design and Manufacture

Aust Yieh Solutions offer their design and manufacture expertise to clients wanting to develop new products or enhance existing products. Aust Yieh Solutions’ Director, Jim Bennett, has been assisting companies design and manufacture industrial products in China for more than 20 years. He also has several of his own designs registered and a patent granted.

Factory visit by Jim Bennett to progress the design and manufacture of fasteners

Jim Bennett discussing the design and manufacture of fasteners

Aust Yieh Solutions assists companies that do not possess the required resources or engineering expertise to undertake product manufacture in China. Often our clients are focused on other aspects of their business or lack the experience to deal directly with Chinese factories. Because of the skill levels required, Aust Yieh Solutions specializes in a limited range of manufactured products.

Design and Manufacture Projects

Aust Yieh Solutions have helped design and manufacture a wide variety of products.  These include: engineering fittings for roller blinds; custom made castings; automotive parts; marine propulsion units; coated industrial fabrics; geosynthetic strip drains; waterproof membranes; erosion control mats; and agricultural coverings. Aust Yieh has also designed artwork and brochures for packaging.

Design and Manufacture, Aust Yieh Solutions, Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett working with a Chinese engineering design team

Design and Manufacture, Aust Yieh Solutions

Robotic welding of mobility scooter frames.

Geosynthetics Australia developing composite waterproof membranes

Inspecting the manufacture of waterproof membranes

Aust Yieh Solutions offering engineering and product development expertise

Designing a steel fabrication machine

Showroom displaying new polymer products.

Applying the outcomes of advanced polymer research to new products.

Discussing the design and manufacture of fire resistant building blocks

Bruce Bennett discussing new fire resistant panels

We pride ourselves on helping clients to identify suitable manufacturing partners.  We also assist companies wanting to use China as a manufacturing base to access global markets.

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