Filter Fabric Sheet Drains

Filter fabric sheet drains provide a cost effective option to the conventional use of aggregate for vertical or horizontal drainage on retaining walls, foundation walls, podium decks and landscape drainage. Geosynthetic sheet drains reduce the hydrostatic pressure behind walls and therefore the potential for structure failure because they allow high volumes of filtered water to flow into the drainage core and be discharged away from the site. The dimples in the membrane create a drainage space that allows the wall to breathe and moisture to condensate outward onto the membrane. The moisture falls to a footing drain where it is removed.

Cross section of a filter fabric sheet drain used for drainage, retaining walls, landscaping

Cuspated Wall Drain


Filter fabric sheet drains are a composite geosynthetic made from a high quality, abrasion resistant, non-woven geotextile filter fabric bonded to an HDPE dimpled core. The filter fabric prevents soil or sand particles from blocking the dimpled core and creates an air gap for reliable ventilation. The dimpled core transports large volumes of water and its high compressive strength resists high loads from infill and formwork.

Filter Fabric Drain Mat for wall drainage, Prodrain, Terradrain, Deckdrain

Double Dimpled Drain Mat with Geotextile Fabric

Our lightweight and flexible cuspated drain mat is available in rolls 1.1m x 20m. For larger applications sheet drains are available in widths up to 2.2 metres, with or without a filter fabric.

Applications for Filter Fabric Sheet Drains
  • Retaining wall drains
  • Roof garden drains
  • Basement walls and foundations
  • Deckdrains
  • Reducing hydrostatic pressure behind vertical structures
  • Protecting waterproofing membranes
  • Landscape drainage
  • Bridge abutments
Sheet drain core for vertical and horizontal drainage, Prodrain, Deckdrain

10mm and 20mm single dimple drain mat cores


Wall drains are installed either vertically or horizontally with the geotextile facing towards the soil and the geomembrane against the wall. During backfilling with free draining fill, the wall drains are held in place by either taping, nailing, gluing or hanging over the wall. It is important not to disturb or damage the filter fabric during this process. For wider areas, the dimples along the edges of the sheets are easily pressed together or butted edge to edge and secured with reinforced tape.

Core Properties Units 10 Single 20 Single 18 Double Geotextile Properties
Compression (ASTM-1621) kPa 500 200 250 Flow >200 l/m2/s
Thickness mm 10 20 18 CBR  >1500 N
Flow l/min/m width 223 480 450 EOS  <0.12 mm
Roll length m 30 30 30 Grab  >500 N
Roll width m 1.1/2.2 1.1/2.2 1.1
Roll weight kg 18 30 26
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Filter Fabric Sheet Drain Brochure

Download Brochure – Filter Fabric Sheet Drain

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